Issues That Can Be Addressed At A Walk-In Medical Clinic

While some medical issues cannot wait to be dealt with in a few days, when your regular doctor's office has an opening in their schedule, they might not be urgent enough for the hospital's emergency room. By knowing what issues would be best addressed at the walk-in medical clinic, you will know when to go and what to expect. You do not want to wait any longer than you have to when it comes to keeping yourself as healthy as possible.

A Sprain

Whether you sprained an ankle or wrist, you should have no trouble getting the evaluation and treatment needed from the walk-in clinic. A lot of the walk-in clinics will have X-ray machines and everything else that is needed to confirm and treat a sprain.

The Need For Lab Work

There is a lot of lab work that can be completed at a local walk-in medical clinic. For example, if you need a drug test done for your work or as part of the interview process for a new job, you can take the forms to the clinic and they can handle it. They will test you for whatever the company wants you tested for, and then they will send the results to the company that requested it.

You Feel Like You Might Have A UTI

A urinary tract infection is not something that you want to have for too long before beginning treatment for it. The longer you wait to start a course of antibiotics, the more pain you could find yourself in. Also, the longer you wait, the more likely it is that a simple UTI could become a bladder infection, which is much more serious of an issue. Of course, a UTI is not a medical emergency so a trip to the walk-in medical clinic would be better than sitting in an emergency room for several hours, waiting to be seen.

You Are Experiencing Flu Symptoms

It is important to make sure that you are tested for the flu if you suspect that you have it. This way, you can receive the proper treatment and advice for caring for yourself at home. You can also get a medical excuse that should allow you to stay home from school or work for a couple of days or until you are no longer contagious.

Do yourself a favor and look up or call the walk-in clinic to confirm their hours of operation so you do not waste time by going out there after they close.

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